Matthew Gerber

Assistant Professor

Systems and Information Engineering

Research Summary and Bio
My students and I conduct research in Cyber-Human Systems (CHSs), which couple humans and computing to advance human capabilities and wellbeing (see NSF). We are interested in how humans perceive safety and risk, how these perceptions influence behavior, and how we might embed humans within CHSs to measure and modify these processes and outcomes. We draw upon methods from feedback systems, sequential decision making, reinforcement learning, and supervised (statistical) learning. Specific tasks include personalized interruption and intervention delivery, inference of human objectives and capabilities, and spatiotemporal risk prediction. Many of these problems involve the processing of human (or natural) language, a topic that I pursued while at Michigan State University (Ph.D., 2011 -- Dissertation).

I joined UVa in 2011 as a research faculty member, and I have been an Assistant Professor since 2014. My CV lists full details.

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