Planning and Design for Combat Outposts

Project Overview

A major component of the Army's current expeditionary, counterinsurgency (COIN) and stability operations strategies is the establishment of Combat Outposts (COPs) and Patrol Bases (PBs) in contested regions. These types of facilities support force projection in forward areas, and are essentially independent bases inside insurgent-influenced territory that are run on the small unit level, generally by platoons or companies. However, major challenges to their use include the prohibitive time and manpower required to deploy, set-up, tear down, and relocate the facilities in the face of asymmetric threats. The PTL is developing methods to predict threat levels for various COP/PB layouts in support of safer, more efficient COP/PB planning and design.

We are looking for highly ambitious graduate students to collaborate with us on this project. Please get in touch if you are interested.